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TVL Manufacturing has a range of CNC wire bending, laser cutting, sheet metal folding, tube bending and specialist welding which enables the in-house manufacturing of our entire vehicle security product range. All of these capabilities are housed in one location allowing fast and seamless assembly when multiple machines and production techniques are required.

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Why powder coating’s
the best choice for you:


A much thicker coating than conventional liquids


Faster drying times mean less waiting

More consistent

Better coverage, better looking

More choice

A huge range of special effect finishes

Less hazardous

Waste than liquid coatings

Near zero

Volatile organic compounds

Why we’re the best
choice for powder coating:


Big product? No problem. We’ll powder coat items up to five metres


We’re set up for fastturnarounds and critical deadlines


Put your mind at rest and let us take care ofthe detail


At TVL Finishing, you get the benefit of our experience, our wider network and our incredible facilities. Our large, fast-moving paint line includes an acid etching phosphate stage, dry-off oven and two separate semi-automatic spray booths.  Whether your job’s big or small, steel or aluminium, with long lead times or delivery “yesterday”,we’ll make sure you hit your deadlines with a first-class finish.

And if you’ve got plastic, fibreglass and wooden items, we’re your one-stop shop. Our wet spray machines have got you covered… so to speak. We’re here for your:

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Garden and office furniture

Shop display units

Refrigeration equipment

Lift guarding

Light fittings

Manufacturing apparatus

Gates and railings


Bicycle parts

Car parts and accessories

Refrigeration equipment

and much, much more…

Get your first-class finish

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TVL Group

We are part of TVL group, a collection of companies sharingour knowledge and expertise to give us a
market-leading edge like no other.

Working together, pooling our talents, we’ve built thebiggest range of bespoke security products available. Our goal is simple: togive you peace of mind and unrivalled choice.